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  • [New] Filtering on process name and path (in tracing mode)
  • [New] IISExpress: IISEXpressTray.exe is filtered out by default
  • [New] IISExpress: search for applicationhost.config for iisexpress based on VS solution
  • [New] List view
  • [New] Check for new version on startup
  • [New] Logging in case of issues (create c:\codetracklog folder to enable)
  • [New] Human-readable timestamps
  • [New] Advanced tracing options
    • Hi precision
    • Thread cycles
    • Overhead compensation
    • Generic resolving
  • [Improvement] Complete rewrite of tracing code, hugely reduced tracing overhead
  • [Improvement] Reduced memory usage and improved performance
  • [Improvement] UI: sharper icons, logo, cleanup, infobuttons
  • [Improvement] Made selecting treeitems less jumpy
  • [Improvement] Decompile code async

  • [Fix] some NGENed assemblies are not resolved properly
  • [Fix] Restart already running IISExpress site
  • [Fix] Crash when selecting IISExpress item
  • [Fix] Crash when tracing multithreaded applications (especially when enabling parameters)
  • [Fix] Selecting running 32bit process on 64bit machine



  • [Fix] Crash when selecting a running process



  • [New] Support for CoreClr (beta)

    This is in a very early stage.
    Please drop me a mail to let me know if it works on your machine

  • [Fix] Crash while analyzing running processes
  • [Fix] In a very specific case, the profiled process can crash when arguments are enabled
  • [Fix] Disabled radiobuttons in options when not applicable



  • [New] IIS Express (beta)
  • [New] User names in Running process list
  • [New] Extra info about process in properties
  • [Fix] Take in account elevation of already running processes
    (Important if you want to attach to IIS for example.)



  • [New] Override working directory
  • [New] Specify environment variables
  • [Fix] Default working directory to exe location



  • [New] Very first release